Why WestPac

As a former world class athlete in an individual sport, I took a lot of pride in co-authoring my destiny.
To be amongst the top 1% of the field, it not only took a lot of hard work, but it also required that my approach evolved, philosophically.

I spent a lot of time observing the habits of those more successful than myself, wondering why they did the things they would do, and the conversations they would have with their coaches. One way in which they were all alike was that their approaches were uncommon and that they asked a ton of questions about everything.

It seemed that the question of WHY had governed their lives and methods of training. If I were to ever reach my potential, it was crucial that I learn their secrets, and to adjust my strategies in a competitively changing environment.

WestPac Wealth Partners embodies a similar philosophy by challenging traditional thinking and offering a refreshing new approach to financial decision making.

As we move forward in a world which is constantly changing, our balance sheet is constantly threatened by factors amongst which are financial disorganization, rising taxes, and unexpected life events. At WestPac, we offer a team of experienced advisors, specializing in every sector of personal and business planning, and provide efficient solutions to help our clients and their families move toward meeting their financial goals throughout their lives.

WestPac is in the business of educating its clients and building relationships that will last a lifetime.

With our team of advisors at WestPac, you’re never alone and you’re never in the dark.

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