Milo Cavic Financial Representatitve employed by WestPac Wealth Partners

"Life does not ask for permission to change it's direction.

Change is constant and the pace will vary."

M i l o C a v i c

Your Wealth Strategy Partner

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My Story

My name is Milorad (“Milo”) Cavic and before I got into the industry of helping professionals protect their financial futures, I was a 4-time Olympian, a world champion, and world record holder in swimming.

As a professional athlete, I was a provider for my immediate and extended family, and many relied on my support…

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What I do

Financial Balance

For your Life

For your Business

Why WestPac

Protect. Invest. Achieve.

WestPac Wealth Partners embodies a similar philosophy by challenging traditional thinking and offering a refreshing new approach to financial decision making.

WestPac is in the business of educating its clients and building relationships that will last a lifetime.

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